Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching (AMAT) Online

Program overview

A rigorous online MAT that integrates with a Residency Teaching Certificate

Reap the benefits of a rigorous program that integrates 实习教师资格证 with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in a full-time, 15 month program that includes a full-year internship in K–12 schools. All university coursework is delivered fully online. Learn the skills needed to impact student learning as a professional teacher committed to equity and inclusion.

Discover how this flexible online AMAT program helps you reach your goals.

Program Overview


Seattle Pacific was founded more than 125 years ago, and the University has been preparing some of the most sought-after educators in the region for more than 90 years. Today, entrance to School of Education graduate programs is highly competitive. Faculty members – each teaching his or her own courses and each holding a doctorate – have worked to develop rigorous programs of quality. 

好的赌博软件推荐教育学院提供十多个研究生项目. 你可以从三个博士项目中选择, 7个硕士学位项目, 还有五个认证项目, 所有这些都集中在能力的发展上, character, leadership, and service in educators. 而许多学生接受培训成为教师, 其他人则准备担任学校辅导员, principals, superintendents, 民政事务处人员, 或者是高等教育的教授. SPU在华盛顿和全国的P-12教育中享有很高的声誉, and students who complete our graduate degree and certificate programs enjoy a higher rate of employment than the state's average.

Why Seattle Pacific for your Online Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching?

School districts have long sought after SPU-educated teachers for both their competence and character. Many graduates have gone on to blaze new trails in the education realm, and even earn Washington state’s Teacher of the Year award, an honor given to only one outstanding Washington teacher annually. The Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching online program was created to integrate 实习教师资格证 with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, including a full-time, 在K-12学校实习一年. Earn higher placement on the salary schedule and become equipped to significantly impact student learning and change lives.

  1. Accomplished Faculty

    Expert, caring faculty have a desire to help students succeed. 教师以在他们的教育项目期间和之后指导他们的学生而闻名. 这些教授通过自己的学术活动为终身学习树立了榜样, publishing frequently, 并在专业会议上发表演讲.

  2. AACU Membership

    Seattle Pacific is a member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. SPU认证项目由华盛顿州专业教育标准委员会批准. The School of Education is also a member of the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, and has a chapter, Sigma Phi Upsilon, of Chi Sigma Iota, 一个国际荣誉协会,重视学术和专业卓越的咨询.

  3. Deep Character Emphasis

    建立在品格教育的基础上, the graduate programs at SPU offer first-class education through the lens of Christian faith and values. 学生选修道德课程,品格问题贯穿整个课程.

  4. Flexible Format

    Designed for working professionals, this program is fully online.

  5. Connected Alumni

    School of Education graduates move on to purposeful careers in schools and district-level leadership throughout the country. When you obtain a graduate degree from SPU’s School of Education, 你加入了一个校友社区,他们保持着联系.

Related Master’s Program

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Completion of the program fulfills requirements for a Master of Arts in Teaching online degree and Washington state 实习教师资格证. 完成认证要求后, the Certification Office in the School of Education at SPU recommends candidates for teacher licensure to the 公共教育监督办公室. Completion of five additional graduate-level classes throughout the program fulfills requirements for the MAT degree.


每年夏天都会有新的学生入学. Summer session is divided into two parts, online and on campus. 在线课程将于6月下旬开始. 校内部分从7月下旬开始. During the academic year, candidates attend classes one night a week.

Program components


The certification component of the AMAT program is 45 credits. Approximately one-third of these credits are allocated for student teaching, 哪一种是全职且有监督的, 在教室里呆了180天. 完成认证课程, internship requirements, 通过项目评估,候选人就有资格获得华盛顿居民证书. 该证书使候选人能够在华盛顿州的公立和私立学校任教. 硕士学位是通过完成额外的15个研究生学分或5门课程获得的.

Candidates in the Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching Online program are recommended for certification by:

  • Demonstrating 有效的教学实践
  • Centering instruction on high expectations for student achievement
  • 识别和回应 以个别学生的学习需要
  • Providing clear and intentional focus on subject matter content and curriculum
  • Fostering and managing 一个安全、积极的学习环境
  • Using 多个学生数据元素,以修改教学和提高学生的学习
  • 沟通与协作 与家长和学校社区沟通
  • Exhibiting 合作和合议的实践侧重于改善教学和学习

NOTE: Tuition rates for the certification portion of the program and the master's component of the program are differentiated. While certification courses are offered at a reduced rate, students across all master's programs take the master's component classes at the regular graduate tuition rate. 



随着K-12教师返回学校接受在职培训,实习将于8月底开始. Candidates intern across the school year, while completing online coursework. Coursework integrates internship experiences to assist candidates in applying educational theory and research to planning, instruction, and assessment.

候选人在学校环境中与导师教师和大学实地主管配对. Internship is five days a week during an entire K–12 school year, including in-service and end-of-the-year activities. Candidates may have up to two release days a month to attend to program requirements and wellness goals.

Candidates and mentor teachers follow a co-teaching model, 规划的责任, instruction, management, and assessment is shared. 候选人开始实习,重点观察和进步到独立教学. Across internship, candidates complete assignments designed to maximize field experiences, 比如实习心得, lesson plans, and program assessments. Internship concludes with candidates returning control of classroom responsibilities to their mentor teachers.


考生通过完成额外的五门研究生课程获得MAT学位, totaling 15 credits. These classes are taken at the regular graduate tuition rate. Classes required for the MAT degree are not needed for certification. However, most candidates complete degree requirements immediately following certification to increase their salary. Candidates may delay completion of degree requirements for five years following the quarter of admission, 只要保持积极的注册状态,每四个季度完成一节课.

Students admitted to the AMAT-Online program with an advanced degree may transfer 12 of the 15 credits from their previous institution. 所有学生都必须完成EDU 6085道德问题教育课程才能获得MAT学位.

Course sequence

Candidates enrolled in the AMAT-Online program follow a course sequence designed to exceed the demands of today's classrooms. 毕业生完成课程后具备有效教学所需的知识和技能, developed through integration of internship experiences, 积极的同伴相互依赖, 并重点为中小学生在多个领域的教学背书. 

候选人在开始该计划时,根据认可,将获得特定的课程顺序. The following shows an example sequence for Elementary Certification.



EDU 6132

Learners in Context (3)

EDU 6150

General Inquiry, Teaching, and Assessment Methods (3)

EDU 6524 

Curriculum Design (3)

EDU 6918



EDRD 6529


EDU 6130

Classroom Management (3)

EDU 6134 


EDU 6945 



EDMA 6432


EDU 6136

Content Methods (3)

EDU 6139

Internship Seminar (1)

EDU 6945 



EDU 6133


EDU 6139

Internship Seminar (1)

EDU 6945


MAT degree courses

EDSP 6644 




EDU 6085 


EDU 6120


EDU 6526 


*表示硕士的组成课程. 许多学生选择在认证后的夏天完成这些课程.

Routes to Certification

Applicants to the AMAT-Online program fit one of these profiles, though all routes require a bachelor's degree and endorsement in a high needs area at the district or local level.

Route 2: 具有学士学位的地区职员
 Currently employed school-district staff members (such as paraeducators, instructional assistants, 或教育助理)至少有一年的学生互动和领导经验.

Route 3: 为拥有学士学位的“转行者”准备的
 Individuals not currently employed by a school district at the time of application (such as those considering career change).

Route 4: 具有学士学位的地区职员 and limited certificate.
Teachers employed in a public school on a limited certificate such as a Conditional or Emergency Substitute Certificate.

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Scott Beers


Phone: 206-281-2707
Office: Peterson Hall 409

Daniel Bishop

Assistant Professor; Chair of Teacher Leadership

Phone: 206-281-2593
Office: Peterson Hall 313

David W. Denton

Associate Professor

Phone: 206-281-2504
Office: Peterson Hall 317

Greg Fritzberg

Professor of Education

Phone: 206-281-2363
Office: Peterson Hall 415

Kristine Gritter

Professor, Curriculum and Instruction; Chair, MEd Literacy, Language, and Equity

Phone: 206-281-2323
Office: Peterson Hall 309

Jill Heiney-Smith

Director of Graduate Teacher Education; Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Phone: 206-281-2372
Office: Peterson Hall 311

Robin Henrikson

Associate Professor; Director of Assessment

Phone: 206-281-2186
Office: Peterson Hall 405

Krystle Jalalian-Chursky

Assistant Professor, Special Education; Director of Undergraduate Teacher Education

Phone: 206-281-2365
Office: Peterson Hall 414

Kirsten Koetje


Jorge Preciado

Professor of Education; Chair of Special Education
PhD, University of Oregon

Phone: 206-281-2794
Office: Peterson Hall 406

Pete Renn

课程副教授 and Instruction; Assistant Dean

Phone: 206-281-2028
Office: Peterson Hall 305

David Wicks

课程副教授 & Instruction

Phone: 206-281-2367
Office: Peterson Hall 411

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Continuing Education

满足成人学习者不断变化的需求, 好的赌博软件推荐 offers a wide range of programs and courses to meet the needs of today's professionals. 有竞争力的信贷和项目利率, 这些个人和职业发展机会使终身学习变得非常实惠. 作为华盛顿州教师继续教育学分的最大提供者,SPU的 职业教育中心 关注K-12教育工作者的当前需求.

Courses taken for credit and numbered at the 5000 level are graduate-level courses and are designed primarily with the needs of teachers and other professionals in mind for the purpose of meeting certification, endorsement, district pay lane requirements and other professional needs. 在某些情况下,这些研究生水平的课程可能被认为满足选修要求.

Still have questions? Review FAQs.

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per credit

*$670 per credit for core certification coursework; $735 per credit for master's component courses
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application fee

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credits to complete

Financial aid

Before applying for aid, you must first be admitted to a graduate program. Make sure you:

  • 每季度至少注册3个学分(或半天)以获得学位或合格证书.
  • 每年完成并提交联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA).

你可以利用奖学金和贷款. 斯坦福大学没有申请研究生助学金的截止日期,不过越早越好! 

Learn more about the FAFSA 以及申请经济援助.

Learn more about 奖学金、助学金和贷款 研究生开放.

Second Master’s Benefit

Students entering the Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching Online program with an advanced degree may take advantage of a second master's benefit at SPU. 通过请愿程序, 学生可以获得五门必修“硕士组成部分”课程中的四门课程的豁免. Students who have earned an advanced degree need only complete EDU 6085 in addition to all certification courses to earn a second master's at SPU. 总共,学生可以完成认证和第二个硕士学位48学分.


Find out more about administrative and other School of Education program fees.

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Admission requirements

申请人必须至少拥有认可的学院或大学的学士学位. New cohorts are admitted each April and the program begins Summer Session.

Application requirements

申请人必须提交下列资料至 Graduate Admissions:

  • Application and $50 application processing fee.
  • Official transcript documenting bachelor's degree (including official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended).
    • Note, 被认为是官方的, transcripts must be received in a sealed envelope from the college or university. 只要成绩单保持原貌,就可以送到研究生招生处, 未开封的大学信封. 通过eSCRIP-SAFE或羊皮纸交换收到的电子成绩单也可以接受.
    • If your degree is not from a US college or university, 请安排您的成绩单由认可的成绩单评估公司进行评估, such as FIS or WES. Have the report forwarded directly to Graduate Admissions.
  • Personal statement (1–2 pages).
  • Résumé.
  • Two to four letters of recommendation.
  • WEST-B scores, preferred minimum scorse 240 on each subtest (e.g.(阅读、写作和数学).
    • 申请人可以使用SAT的组合, ACT, and WEST-B scores to meet the WEST-B requirement (reading writing, mathematics). Please contact Graduate Admissions if you have questions.
      • Preferred SAT scores required (for test date beginning 3/5/2016) — Math: 27.阅读:27分,写作:28分.
      • 首选SAT成绩要求(考试日期为2016年3月4日)-数学:515,阅读:500,写作:490.
      • 首选ACT成绩要求-数学:22, Reading: 22, 写作:8(2016年9月1日开始考试), or Writing: 23 (for test date 9/1/2015 through 8/31/16), 或写作:8分(截止到2015年8月31日) 
  • Passing State Endorsement Test.
    • WEST-E or NES must be passed by May 1, prior to the program start date.
    • Several NES study guides are located on the main floor Reference section of the SPU Library.
  • 核实背书准备情况.
    • Endorsements are the content and grade levels a teacher is prepared to teach. 专业教育标准委员会(PESB) provides a comprehensive list of all endorsements offered at SPU.
      • If your college major matches your intended endorsement, complete the Endorsement Verification form in the application.
      • If your major does not match your intended endorsement, please contact The Certification Office. 填妥签注验证表格 only after 联络核证办事处. On the form, indicate that you have been in contact with the Certification Office and list your "Approved Plan of Study" if one has been developed.
  • 道德职业品质政策形式 (可在网上申请中找到). 

在截止日期前提交完整文件的申请人将在3月份进行面试筛选. 面试邀请是通过电子邮件发送的. 建议申请人添加 these email addresses 作为联系人,以避免无意中发送到垃圾邮件或垃圾文件夹的信件.

Application deadlines





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This varies by program. 一些项目的录取,比如 Accelerated Master in Teaching Mathematics and Science (AMTMS), 教学艺术加速硕士 (AMAT), and MEd in School Counseling, is very competitive. Admission to each of SPU's graduate programs in education is standards-based, and all applicants must meet all standards for admission.


Yes, in most cases. 教育学院提供的大多数研究生学位课程都是兼职课程, with classes offered in a variety of worker-friendly venues. Education graduate courses are scheduled at SPU or off campus, in the evenings, occasionally on Saturdays, and during the summer.

The 加速文学硕士教学 (AMAT) and Accelerated Master in Teaching Mathematics and Science (AMTMS)程序是例外. They are one-year full-time programs due to their full-time internships.


The School of Education offers several fully online programs, including the AMAT-OnlineAMTMS-Online数字教育领导, and Teacher Leadership programs. Please review the program pages for eligibility requirements.



How does a graduate degree or graduate certificate from SPU compare with a similar degree or certificate from other universities?

SPU's School of Education has been offering a wide range of fully accredited master's and doctoral degrees in addition to graduate certificates for more than 20 years. SPU在华盛顿和全国的P-12教育中享有很高的声誉, and students who complete our graduate degree and certificate programs enjoy a higher rate of employment than the state's average.

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